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Security and Networking

How do you interconnect all the devices you have? When is wireless appropriate and when is it not? Is Gigabit Ethernet needed? Did you know that remote wired network devices can sometimes be powered right over the network? When do you use a network hub, switch, router, or gateway?


How can I make sure only certain users and systems connect to my network and shared resources? How do make a file accessible by only certain users?


How do you do that securely? Is your data secure? Are your systems and networks protected? With constantly increasing threat levels, those questions need to be constantly revisited. Do you have the time and knowledge to do that? How do you protect our intellectual property? Do you have government data security concerns? Do you even know if you have those types of concerns?


We have years of networking experience from analyzing data packets to securing wireless connections, from 300 baud to 1 Gigabit, and from HDLC to TCP/IP. If you don't know what this means, that is why we are here.


Yes, we recommend security products such as anti-malware, encryption, and unified threat management (UTM) devices. But was also recommend security practices and can use Active Directory to enforce security policies. If a user can comprise your network with a USB flash drive, what good does a UTM do? Can you track who tried to access a restricted file? How do you know if your system or network has been compromised?

We have the knowledge to assist you in a constantly changing interconnected world.