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Information Management

To turn passive data into active information you start by getting a handle of your data. What kind of data to you have? What do you do with it? How does this data flow through your business? Does it move through in well-defined ways? Is it organized so that you can use it?

Sometimes you need to analyze your data and report on it. What are the trends? What sort of connections are there in the data? Are there ways to increase sales hidden in the data?

At all times you need to protect your data. How important is the data you have stored in your systems? How long could you to operate your business without it? Are you performing backups? Is an off-site backup enough, or do you need the ability to recover from server loss quickly? Can the cloud be used as off-site storage?


Not only can we help define the data flow through your organization, we also offer complete database development and management services. We can analyze your data and recommend a database technology for you and then implement and automate it. We find the best way to analyze, report, and protect your data.


Some of our traditional data services include:


  • Plan, install, configure and administer SQL Server.
  • Interact with users and programmers to define relational database requirements, including reporting requirements.
  • Interact with managers to define database security.
  • Translate relational database conceptual design into logical and physical data models, then implement and test those models.
  • Turn business processes into SQL statements in triggers, stored procedures and functions. Assist with data extraction, transformation (conversion), and loading (ETL).
  • Automate database maintenance and backup.
  • Perform database optimization and fine tuning.
  • Setup analytical services such as data mining & analysis.


We can help you answer your data questions and find the right technology to fit your business requirements.