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Desktop, Device, and Server Management

The number and type of information technology devices are growing; from traditional desktops and servers to small form factor devices, such as smartphones, netbooks, tablets and even wearable devices. Which is right for you? How do you manage all these devices and the various ways of interconnecting them?


Then there are many server management questions? How do you deploy patches and upgrades automatically? Would server virtualization reduce management effort and costs? How do you prevent certain applications from being run on the desktop systems? How do you make sure that the user experience is identical from system to system? Why is the server running slowly? How do you backup all the data?


We can help you answer those questions and then do the work for you. We can administer Windows server and networks, including hardware and system specification, configuration, installation, performance analysis and tuning, security and domain management, and automating backups.


This service has been the staple of local computer shops for years. We combine a deep knowledge of hardware gained from years of job experience with a major computer hardware manufacturer with a deep knowledge of operating system principles gained with years of job experience with major software companies. This is a lot more than you will find in many local shops that developed from learning computers at home.


Experience does count, even in this fast-paced industry. For instance, does a wireless connection in a dental office make sense when you are dealing with X-ray images? Is a consumer-grade network gateway sufficient for your business? Should you specify a new server with a "split bus" or not? How many disks should you include in a RAID set to satisfy the I/O load? Only experience can answer these questions.


We can help you chose the right device for the job. Then we can manage the process of making them work together, consistently and securely.