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Custom Software Development

There are many off-the-shelf software packages that you may use to run different parts of your business. This is the most cost-effective way of buying software. But sometimes your business may be constrained by existing software. Sometimes it does not make sense to fit your business, or your business processes, to canned software.


Custom software allows you to fit the software to your business. This can be critical when you have spent time and effort in developing custom, and proprietary, business processes that give you an edge in a competitive environment.


Utilizing a consulting company can lower your overall project costs, through savings in employee taxes, benefits, and other costs, and also through savings in not having to expand your computing infrastructure. Experienced people will also get the job done faster and at a higher quality.


We translate business objectives into functional technical solutions, and interact with owners and managers in project oversight, from the requirements phase to successful deployment and maintenance.


  • Microsoft Visual Studio/.NET for middle to large-scale projects requiring rapid prototyping and development.
  • SQL Server programming for custom data handling, verification, and conversion from other data sources.


We also offer three new programming services, at a lower price;


  • Web-based programming in JavaScript and PHP, allowing for the easy creation of web sites with dynamic, or interactive, web pages using MySQL as a database source. 
  • Microsoft Office programming in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This language is  used in Microsoft Office applications, such Access, Excel, and Word.
  • Microsoft Access projects, when a database is needed, but Visual Studio/.NET and SQL Server may be too "big".


You may find these services more cost effective than doing in-house training, setting up a development environment, and learning to support these programming environments.