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A business needs to do what it does best. You know your business. We know ours. With 30 years of information technology experience, we allow you to concentrate on what you do best. By using our services your business will be better prepared to meet the challenging demands of your marketplace.

We offer a number of services; from more traditional services such as management of desktops and servers, and data management, to new services such as cloud computing. We combine these services with proven information technologies. We do this by partnering with Microsoft for software, and Dell and HP for hardware.


Take a look at the Microsoft Business page for a more complete description of the software information technologies that we use. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner.


Cloud Computing


The cloud is another information technology tool. While you should think "information" first, the cloud may make sense in situations requiring information sharing, or varying information processing loads. 


Microsoft Online Services brings together online versions of their most trusted communication and collaboration products with the security, reliability, and control you require. We are a Microsoft Online Services Partner. Partners add value, from setting up your online service for the first time to building custom and advanced solutions.


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Custom Software Development


We provide Microsoft Visual Studio/.NET, SQL Server, JavaScript, PHP, Microsoft Office (VBA), and Microsoft Access programming services for large or small projects.


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Desktop, Device, and Server Management


One of the most common and frustrating problems for small businesses with multiple computers is a lack of shared user authentication. Each system has its own, different, list of users and passwords. Sharing data between systems can be difficult. Then too, each system has different programs at different versions and patch levels. Compounding this is the lack of backup of most systems. The easiest way to solve these problems is with a server that holds shared user authentication, provides a common environment for all systems and a means of backing up critical user information.


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Information Management


Your company handles and stores collections of facts that we call data. This data flows through your business, must be stored, acted upon, and analyzed. Doing this effectively and efficiently takes data analysis and a good database management system. Often that database is part of a software application, and sometimes it is a standalone product. We can help select the best data management alternative.


Reporting and analysis is important part of making effective use of the data you spend money on collecting. We can help chose the right reporting and analysis tool, and then design the reports that will give a window to your business. 


Data protection is also important, as this data is an asset. Automated backups and a data protection plan are important for business continuity in the event of a hardware failure or disaster, such as fire or theft.


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Line-of-Business Applications


A line-of-business application is critical to the operation of a business. How do you know which one of right for you? We can help you select the right application for your business.


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Security and Networking


Although you and your employees expect anywhere and anytime access, you also expect secure access, ease of management, and the use of appropriate standards. It is possible to achieve these goals with proven technology. 


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